Stormdrain Awareness in Central Florida - Earth Day 2014

Sunset made a positive impact improving the waterways of Central Florida this Earth Day 2014.

 All Images and logos copyright their respective owners.

All Images and logos copyright their respective owners.

During the month of April Sunset Supports teamed up with the Seminole Education, Restoration and Volunteer (SERV) Program and volunteers from the local community to place “no dumping drains to lake or river” placards on stormdrains and promote awareness regarding their impact on the surrounding bodies of water. With the debate on water management on the rise, Sunset Supports is proud to make a difference in helping to control stormwater pollution.

Many recreational activities of the Sunshine State, participated in by residents and visitors alike, are directly connected to Florida’s waterways. Misuse of stormdrains has become the number one factor causing harm to these aquatic environments in Central Florida due to the various chemicals, fertilizers, debris, wastes and other materials that enter waterways through stormdrains. By promoting awareness in our local communities on how stormdrain pollution affects our waterways we are able to play a vital role in the balancing of our local ecosystems.

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About SERV

The Seminole Education, Restoration and Volunteer (SERV) Program works to actively restore and educate people on how to protect the waterways and natural areas of Seminole County.         

Media Contact: Elizabeth Stephens  

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