Sunset Announces New Division For Specialty Films

Sunset Announces New Division For Specialty Films

Today Sunset Studios announces the creation of a new division. The newly formed SUNSET UNDISCOVERED will be the branch under which Sunset Studios will release specialty films including art house, experimental, and documentaries. There is additional potential to further expand the brand into the horror genre.

The goal in the creation of this new division will be to direct more specific inquires and resources into the development of more edgy and experimental content. “The addition of a label that will focus on these types of projects will mean that we can offer an even broader range of content to Sunset’s audiences. We are excited and expect to see some innovative, modern storytelling with exemplary attention to quality in its films,” stated Ryan Cimino, President and Producer at Sunset Studios.

Plans are already being made to steer the newly formed division into areas that have previously not been explored by Sunset and its collaborative partners. Vice-President and Producer, Cristina Cimino said, “We are excited to kick off this event with a new project focusing on the culture of Sao Paulo, Brazil.” THE SÃO PAULO SERIES will grant a unique, inside look into Brazilian culture in one of the most populated cities in the world.

Sunset Undiscovered is a special division of Sunset Studios.


About Sunset Studios

Sunset Studios is the premier production company and studio for feature film, documentaries, and television. Based out of the Entertainment Capital of the World, Orlando, FL, the company produces and develops it own content as well as produces professional films in association with major motion picture studios and other clients.