Cristina Cimino

Executive Vice President

Cristina Cimino is Executive Vice President at Sunset Studios. Overseeing all international distribution and sales, Mrs. Cimino has a vital role in the representing the Sunset brand in overseas markets.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Mrs. Cimino maintains an understanding of different cultures and customs. She leads Sunset business relations with growing international markets in the changing landscape of motion picture audiences and international box office. She is fluent in four languages to include: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Mrs. Cimino draws her experience from an extensive entertainment career working in many areas in the entertainment world. She leads though numerous successful collaborations from a broad industry network including executives, public relations and media, talent agents, casting directors, creative and artistic personnel, and other essential entertainment professionals.

Prior to her leadership at Sunset Studios, Mrs. Cimino held various roles in television production including in news broadcast and reality television divisions. 

Mrs. Cimino attended the University of Central Florida for International Relations.