Ryan Cimino


Ryan Cimino is President at Sunset Studios. An industry leader with visions for shaping the future of the entertainment industry, Mr. Cimino heads up all distribution and production.  A long standing member of the film and entertainment industry, he provides direction for the growth of Sunset, drawing from extensive experience through many uniquely unified facets of entertainment business, production, and design.

Before working at Sunset, Mr. Cimino has held numerous positions in the entertainment divisions of film and production, commercial, theatrical, and theme parks. Through persistence and perseverance he has been able to build Sunset Studios from the ground up. Mr. Cimino continues to lead Sunset Studios with passion into the current era of entertainment evolution.

Mr. Cimino began his entertainment career starting in live theater as a young man. Enticed to work within the stage, he has had the privilege of staging shows in many unique locations. Offered an opportunity to travel at a younger age as the son of an U.S. Army father, Mr. Cimino drew his early creativity from the experiences of international cultures. Today he maintains his appreciation for these cultures incorporating their entertainment value and storytelling while remaining a proud American and supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Mr. Cimino holds a Masters degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University and a Bachelors degree in Theatre from the University of Central Florida, Conservatory Theatre.