Sunset Studios

Sunset Studios represents superior quality of entertainment value and a legacy of storytelling. Sunset Studios is a growing leader in motion picture and television production, and worldwide distribution and sales. Based out of the Entertainment Capital of the World, Orlando, FL, the company’s divisions include Sunset Undiscovered and Sunset Television and Media Group.

Sunset Undiscovered

Sunset Undiscovered represents a specialty division of Sunset Studios that focuses on more edgy and experimental content. This division offers Sunset's audience an even broader range of exciting content. Sunset Undiscovered's expanded genres include: Art house, experimental, documentaries, and horror. 

Sunset Television and Media Group

Sunset Television and Media Group expands the Sunset brand to an even broader audience in the production and distribution of content for television and digital media. The division focuses on various genres within the television and digital markets.

Sunset Studios Production Group

Sunset Studios Production Group will offer various high standard production services to a multitude of varying productions. Coming Soon.

Standard of Business Practices

Our Commitment

At Sunset Studios we are committed to a creating quality entertainment in a continuing legacy of storytelling. The Studios uphold the highest ethical conduct and business practices in fulfilling this legacy. We conduct business honestly and, as such, expect our partners and clients to perform ethically and honorably as well. Along with our partners we strive to create an environment that insights creativity and productivity, and the highest excellence in entertainment value.

Statement of Diversity

The Studios enlist high performing, passionate industry professionals without bias of race, religion, color, creed, sex, sexuality, or other designation. The Studios embrace cultural diversity and recognize that a well-rounded team is in the best interest of our partners, clients, and audiences.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Sunset Studios upholds the moral and legal standards set forth by the US Trademark and Patent Office and the US Copyright Office with regard to all business practices in and of copyright and intellectual property. We retain our rights, and ownership of all company created properties, and respectfully adhere to rights of our partners and clients.

To find out more about how you can support content protection visit the Motion Picture Association of America.


Join the Team of the Entertainment Elite!

At Sunset Studios we offer a unique and creative environment for employment. We take pride in our company, its team members, and our methods in upholding a superior Standard of Business Practices to symbiotically create the high standards of our products, in production and entertainment value.  We embrace Innovative Partnerships that incorporate Modern Movie Making Methodology, using some of the latest equipment in production and software and working with the best industry professionals in the business. We look for enthusiastic individuals with a strong industry experience and high professional standards to join our team.

In Our Community

We actively look for opportunities to support our community through charity, volunteering, goodwill, and other forms of support as an important part of our corporate culture. 

Through corporate responsibility we participate in promoting higher learning, environmental stewardship, community development, healthier living, and other national, regional, local topics.